In many businesses, the office manager is the unsung hero of the office. The office manager’s job is to make sure the office is run like a well-oiled machine so everyone else can do their jobs. When the office manager is unsuccessful, everyone else’s performance suffers as well.

According to a Harvard Business Review article on time management, knowledge workers spend as much as 41% of their time working on tasks that offer little satisfaction and can often easily be done by others. These workers could instead focus on higher order priorities that benefit the company when they learn to outsource these tasks.

Many of those tasks are administrative in nature, which is where the office manager comes in. Office managers drive productivity and efficiency. They may be in charge of assigning and monitoring clerical tasks, working with vendors, planning office events, hiring cleaning staff and repair technicians, organizing filing systems and much more.

An office manager makes sure that the office is running as smoothly as possible, and he or she prevents waste whenever. For example, a good office manager will negate the possibility of the marketing specialist spending time in the kitchen trying to fix the coffee machine or the accountant answering the front desk phone.

Your Office Manager Needs Assistance


One thing that every office must know is that the office manager is not a machine – no matter how much he or she appears to be. There are tasks that an office manager may be responsible for that could be outsourced as well. Companies that invest in office management software, for example, could streamline office operations and make sure their office managers are focused on things they believe are in line with the company’s best interest.

Office management software offers a number of solutions for tedious tasks that office managers are often bogged down with. These include reception duties, hiring cleaning services, managing vendors, supply and grocery ordering, conference room set up and more. By streamlining these operations on a centralized office management software platform, office managers can see that they are completed and focus their efforts on other things.

As companies look for ways to reduce their waste and improve retention and office performance, office management software is one approach to consider that office managers will certainly appreciate.