OfficeThe beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for success. Now is the time to take advantage of your New Year’s energy and breathe new life into your office.

We’ve got a handy list for you to get 2018 off to a great start.


Thanks1. Give more kudos.

Create an office acknowledgement board in the office to praise a job well done. Make it decorative, colorful and fun. This is a perfect way to show off everyone’s work, boost morale, and give your team a creative outlet to express themselves.


Checklist2. Start small.

It’s easy to come up with grand, lofty New Year’s resolutions but the reality is you need to start small to make it stick. Fight the temptation to make drastic and unrealistic goals. Start with something easily achievable and move up from there. Be sure to write them down in a place where you can see it every day.

office space3. Refresh your workspace.

Take a minute to look at your physical workspace. Are things messy and unorderly? Your physical workspace has a deep impact on your health, mood, and productivity. Make sure you have all the essentials you need to make your workflow as smooth as possible.


Good Habits4. Jumpstart good habits.

Did you know it takes about 2 months to create a habit? Are you an extreme procrastinator or not the most organized person in the world? We all have less-than stellar habits, but it takes a really concerted effort to make lasting change. Set goals for creating healthier habits and do a weekly self check-in to make sure you’re on track.

Grow5. Grow together.

Create a new office tradition that nurtures relationship building with your team. Start an office book club, have a funny office photo or video contest, or organize a monthly potluck to share homemade favorites.


something new6. Learn something new.

Is there a skill missing from your repertoire that could really boost your impact? Take advantage of professional development opportunities and sign up for a class to learn best practices in management leadership or communications.


Fitness7. Focus on fitness.

Boost your overall health by taking proactive steps as a company or organization to get in shape. It’s always easier to stick to a workout routine if you have a buddy to hold you accountable. Sign up for weekly workouts with your co-workers and cheer each other on toward your goals.

baking8. Take a risk.

It might sound a little scary at first but stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new can lead to meaningful discoveries. Do you have an idea on how to improve your customer experience? Or maybe you have a way you think your team can communicate better — try it out and whether it fails or succeeds, you have a new experience under your belt.

give back9. Give back.

There’s an age-old saying: a good deed is its own reward. Do you have a hobby that you’re really good at? Maybe you’re a wiz with watercolors, play a mean guitar or are a skilled baker. Take some time to teach others your unique skills and take satisfaction in helping others learn.

self care10. Show yourself some love.

It’s easy to be your own worst critic. Remember to give yourself some credit and treat yourself for a job well done. Do something just for you. Take yourself out, spend a day at the spa, or indulge in a well-deserved Netflix binge.

These simple tips will help increase the health, productivity and well-being of you and your team. Here’s to a new and better office experience in 2018!