A savory snack craving can strike at any hour of the day. When your snack attack happens at the office, it can be difficult to avoid a calorie packed landmine (e.g. leftover pizza from your co-workers lunch meeting).


Check out 10 of the most popular healthy* snacks offices ordered in June:


  1. Ready Snax Hummus Snacker with Creamy Hummus (150 Calories)
    A great snack option packed with protein, fiber and iron. Dip, crunch and repeat.
  2. Boom Chicka Pop Seasalt Popcorn (140 Calories)
    Nothing says savory like seasalt, and Boom Chicka popcorn provides a great way to snack — a handful at a time.
  3. 100 Calories Blue Diamond Almonds (100 Calories)
    Almonds are delicious and have numerous health benefits — they contain fiber, healthy fats, protein and more.
  4. BabyBel Cheese (70 Calories)
    Slice em’, dice em’ or eat it by the bite. BabyBel cheese is the perfect portion of cheese to stay healthy and satisfied.
  5. Wholly Guacamole Individual Cups (100 Calories)
    Wholly delciousness. Guac is one of our all-time snack favorites, and these individual minis have changed the game when it comes to easy grab-and-go easy office snacks.
  6. Baby Carrots Snack Pack (25 Calories)
    Simple, filling, and fresh. Baby C’s are the reigning champ when it comes to the savory healthy snack category.
  7. Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins (130 Calories)
    A healthy cracker alternative that fulfills that carb-craving without the wheat or gluten.
  8. Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame – Spicy Wasabi (130 Calories)
    A spicy and salty kick, these freeze dried wasabi flavored edamame are the perfect way to kick up your savory satisfaction.
  9. Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips (140 calories)
    Not your average tortilla chip with a hint of rosemary and sea salt that are perfect to eat on their own or serve as a vessel for dipping.
  10. Dang Toasted Coconut Chips (115 Calories)
    Easy to eat, Dang coconut chips are perfect to sprinkle over yogurt, a salad or eat on their own.


*Based on Foodeducate grading scale. Options were required to have a B or above rating and be under 150 calories. Healthy means something different to everyone and we encourage you to do your own research on what healthy means for you and your body.