There are lots of articles that speak to coffee aficionados and the art of the perfect cup. This is not that article. This is a quick guide to help ensure that your office finds a little more satisfaction in that morning “go” juice we all call coffee.


  1. Heat is important– you may need to run your first pot through without grinds. If you find that the first pot of the day isn’t piping hot, your machine might have older water in the lines or may need a moment to heat up. Run the first pot (a half pot if possible) without grinds to start fresh.
  2. Speaking of grinds – if you have grinds at the bottom of your cup there are two things to consider.  1. Your filter may have folded over. These things happen. OR 2. It’s build up from residue in the machine or in your pot. Gross. It’s worth checking out and making sure things are cleaned out with vinegar. If you need more information  – Google how to clean your coffee pot.
  3. Use the best water you got. If you have filtered water, use it if you can. That includes water from your water dispenser. Hard water can add a special flavor to coffee that isn’t always welcome.
  4. Do some quick (and I mean quick) research as to your coffee rating. There are some great coffee at all price points. Coffee is ranked numerically similar to wine, with many different opinions out there. Try searching a few of your favorite brands on Coffee Review to see how they fair. As a rule of thumb, anything above 80 is considered a great cup of joe.
  5. Get airtight containers for your beans — ground or whole.  I’m not saying you have to grind at your office (but it’s cool if you can). You can buy containers for as little as $8, and believe me, they are worth it.


You can get a darn good cup of coffee without spending a ton of time and money.