How does your office stack up?

Companies hiring top talent are going far beyond the typical health insurance, paid vacation and 401K match benefits that have historically been the gold standard for office perks. From catered lunch to coffee bars, food and beverage perks are quick becoming must-have benefits recruits are expecting.


In June 2018, offices over 100 employees spent an average of $30.14 per employee per month on snacks and groceries. The top 25% of offices spent nearly double the national average. What are top offices spending more on to attract top talent? According to OfficeLuv, a supply and grocery platform that provides ordering for offices nationwide, higher spending offices are investing in healthier snack options. Fresh fruit, granola bars and specialty healthy snacks are all common in high volume orders. And while snacks such as ice cream, cookies and candy still have their place, offices are recognizing the benefits of wellness to increase productivity. In fact, the long term effects of healthy snacks go beyond boosting brain power and increasing energy. The right foods can help reduce long term health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and more.



Want to know how your office stacks up? Check out our quick Kitchen Perks Calculator. You can get a basic assessment through the calculator and request a deeper category level assessment!