In advance of the release of the OfficeLuv August 2018 Trends Report, we snuck a peek at the data and wanted to share a few fun facts before the full unveiling.


  • The West spends the most (average spend per employee) on snacks and beverages, but the least on kitchen consumables (e.g. disposable utensils and dishes). Why? Reusable kitchenware is more common in offices out West.
  • The Northeast not only saw the largest month over month spend increase per employee overall, the region spent the most on office supplies. What were they ordering you ask? Multi-use copy paper and sticky notes were at the top of supply lists for the month. We hope there is lots of brainstorming going on with all those stickies!
  • The overall spend per employee was up by 10% from July to August. Note there was approximately 10% more business days in August than July, so spend per employee per business day remained steady month over month!


Keep an eye out for the full report coming soon!

About the data: Data includes offices with order history from July 2018 and August 2018. Food and beverage data does not include meals or coffee programs. Average spend per employee is calculated by dividing the number of total employees by the total spend. A minimum of 10 offices per region was required to get statistically significant data.