The Fourth of July is kind of a weird holiday. It always seems to fall on a work day, and you never know how many people will be in the office or which days people are taking off. The day after the 4th you could have anywhere from half of the office back, or just those three guys who you’re pretty sure snuck fireworks on the roof last year.


How do you plan for this? Are you destined to order too much food and end up throwing things out? Or do you order too light and run the risk of people mumbling, “I totally should’ve worked from home” when they walk by the front desk.


To help out, we’ve put together four things to consider for a successful 4th of July week.


Put a hold on fruits and deli meats


Bananas have a shelf life of 5-7 days. Raspberries around 3 days in the fridge. Strawberries right around 5-6 days. Apples can tough it out a little bit longer, but considering a lot of your office will be out 2-3 days this week, it’s worth scaling back or maybe holding off altogether to avoid wasting food (and money).


If your office orders deli meat, same thing. Lunch meat only lasts 3-5 days.


Test out new items with a smaller order


Have you ever tested out a new box of protein bars or a potato chip alternative and it goes over terribly? The news travels incredibly fast. By noon, it’s like the whole office knows, “Yeah, definitely avoid those things.” The boxes end up sitting out for three months before finally being tossed out.


A short week is a great time to test out a smaller sample. Maybe you just order one box, see how it’s received. If it fails, no worries. And if people come by and ask, “Hey, you got any more of those asparagus chips?” you can add it to next week’s rotation.


Plan out the full month of July 


If you’re on vacation this week, just keep doing your thing. Seriously, I’m surprised you’re this far in the blog post. Go unplug. Relax.


But if you are in the office, utilize the slower days to start planning ahead and knock out whatever you can ahead of time for the upcoming weeks. Fewer distractions in the office, more time to plan your calendar.


Red, White, and Blue Popsicles 


We’re writing this sentence on a 58-degree day in Chicago, so this does feel weird, but we highly recommend ordering a few boxes of patriotic red, white, and blue Popsicles (technically called “Firecrackers.”)


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