Every July and August, one thing is almost certain: employees will disagree on the office temperature.


One employee goes to the thermostat, sets it for 65 degrees. Five minutes later, another employee—wrapped up in a wool blanket—goes over, puts it back to 70. 


And what does anyone who is uncertain about how to use the thermostat usually do? They come to you (or send you a Slack). Hey, could you help us out? We’re sweating over here… 


Office managers have a ton of different things to manage and are always wearing several different hats. But “Chief Air Conditioning Officer” doesn’t have to be one of them. Especially if you’re in a building where you don’t even have any control of the matter, yet people still come to you for help. 


But, if you do have control over the office thermostat, this role of Chief Air Conditioning Officer is a great one to delegate to somebody else. 


The best part? It’s kind of surprising, but there’s usually someone who would love to take on this role. It’s like being the college mascot; there’s always at least one person who is dying to be in that spot (and thrives at it!)


We’ve seen companies where the CFO was also serving as the unofficial Chief Air Conditioning Officer. This gave an extra level of authority to the position and employees would rarely mess with the thermostat. The head of IT or Data Security is another natural fit for this job and they relish the opportunity. 


Now if someone sends you a Slack, wants the temperature changed, you can point them to the new Chief Air Conditioning Officer.


And if you personally want the temperature changed, go ahead and make the adjustment yourself. You don’t have to forfeit the entire role… 


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