It’s every company’s dream, right? Attracting so many customers that they need to hire hundreds of new people, suss out new office space, order new furniture and IT equipment, create new employee programming, and design and implement new processes.


These are exciting times, but all of the new-ness can lead to pure chaos. It’s often the office management and facilities teams that oversee the responsibility of finding new products to order, vendors to work with, and ensuring everyone around the offices gets taken care of. This can be especially stressful because growing headcount means ordering quantities fluctuate, it’s difficult to pin down (and manage) a budget, and an extra set of hands would always be helpful but can never be found.


One of our loyal customers, Echo, has been experiencing rapid growth in their logistics business over the last several years. In 2016, they expanded their office space by nearly 135,000 square feet to accommodate an influx of nearly 300 employees (and growing). The space boasts diverse meeting room accommodations, a gourmet cafe and a state-of-the-art training facility, all demonstrating Echo’s commitment to their team and culture.


With this rapid expansion, Echo’s operations and office management teams dealt with increasing operational complexities and resource constraints.


Some of the specific challenges the Echo team was facing included:

  • Grocery ordering – Especially on basic kitchen consumables such as plates, cups, forks, and knives
  • Supply ordering
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Tidying up rooms after meetings
  • Facility assistance 
  • Asset tagging all hardware

Spending so much of their time on this list meant putting other key initiatives on the back burner.


We helped Echo conquer the chaos.


OfficeLuv learned and understood Echo’s goals as an organization, and we were able to provide a unified ordering platform to assist in the day to day. OfficeLuv took over the management and ordering for a select set of kitchen supplies. This solution included supply management, ordering, and restocking products including cups, lids, forks, knives, and spoons.


On an annualized basis, Echo expects to save 20% on ordering, a total of $40,000, all by leveraging OfficeLuv’s purchasing power. 

We also provided daily Attendant services. Some of these responsibilities include monitoring and restocking supplies throughout the office, resetting rooms after meetings, supply ordering, and other ad hoc facilities assistance; freeing up the Echo team’s time to focus on their employee engagement and key facility initiatives.

“The addition of the Attendant created immediate impact at Echo,” said Judith Novia, Manager of Office and People Services. “The OfficeLuv team provided the support we needed that enabled us to tackle many of the strategic office initiatives we simply didn’t have time to accomplish.”


With OfficeLuv managing both the ordering and service component of supplies, the Echo team has been able to expand their work capacity, and have embarked on key programs that align to their commitment to the Echo employee community.


If you’re experiencing rapid growth and/or moving into a new larger space, we’d love to hop on a call with you and hear what sort of things you’re looking for help managing as well as which projects you’d love to move off the back burner. Email us at