Office managers are on the frontlines of any company-wide healthy eating initiatives. And the instructions received from management aren’t always specific – maybe along the lines of “We should really be healthier here” or “Is junk food all we have to snack on?”


We run into this scenario all the time when working with our customers. Office managers are trying to improve the overall food quality (per the request of some) while still keeping other colleagues happy. Where do you even start?


Easy does it. When implementing a new healthy snack program, start small. Don’t throw away every bag of chips in a 10-mile radius and start to only offer a selection of carrots, celery, and broccoli in the kitchen. You don’t want to be seen as the new healthy sheriff in town. 


Each week, try one implementing one new tactic, listed below. 


You’ll learn over time which snacks were loved, and which sat untouched for several weeks. Items that aren’t well-received is great feedback too. No one ate it? Cool, let’s take that one off the list and try something else. Each week, your orders keep getting a little bit better and, within a couple of months, you’ve successfully launched a healthy food initiative!  


Ask your employees


This seems obvious, but a good place to start is by checking in with your employees on what they actually want to eat. It’s important to consider those with dietary restrictions, allergies, and specialty diets, and make sure they can indulge in-office snacks, too.

Need help knowing what to ask? We’ve got you covered there. Take a look at our OfficeLuv employee snack survey for inspiration.


Use what you’ve learned


Use those results to inform your purchasing decisions! Always have a dairy-free milk alternative on hand; popcorn is a great gluten-free snack; and for those with allergies, try Blake’s Seed Based Bars. Better yet, include the employees with special dietary needs by inviting them to select their favorite snack – it may be new for the office to try and inspire a change in snacking all around! 


Skip the soda


If you haven’t jumped on the sparkling water train yet, it’s not too late! Subbing out a few cases of pop for sparkling water saves on a little bit of sugar intake while still enjoying the refreshing carbonation of a cold Coke.


New to the sparkling water game? Order some boxes of LaCroix, Bubly, and/or Spindrift. Host an office-wide taste test to determine what will be ordered moving forward! 


Find fresh favorites


Not all office snacks have to come from a bag! Fresh favorites like bananas, hummus cups, and grapes are crowd-pleasers. String cheese, Babybels, or hard-boiled eggs are great low carb/high protein snacks that would satisfy the Keto diet as well! 


Go Natural 


Preservatives and added sugar hide in many an office snack. If you’re not ingredient savvy, ask a health nut in the office to do a quick look over the labels and see what to swap. An easy example – switch from JIF to natural peanut butter, where the only ingredients are peanuts! 


Can I still get something salty?!


Absolutely. We’re not trying to take away anyone’s junk food – sometimes it’s nice to only have it at work! Instead of just offering Doritos & Cheetos though, consider adding PopChips, Baked Chips, flavored almonds, or pretzels as slightly healthier snacks. Check out 100 calorie packs, too, for a good way to resist overindulging. 


Bonus: Teams that sweat together stick together! 


Rather than always hosting a happy hour for team bonding, get the group together for a fitness class! Studios are happy to offer group classes for offices – check out the new spin studio down the block, support the yoga or Zumba instructor in the office, or even try the new bellicon trend together. Get silly, try something new, and stay healthy as a team. 


These tips can help, but we know this can still feel really intimidating to tackle on your own! This is why our customers at OfficeLuv work directly with an Account Manager to build their weekly orders. We can help assess what to add, what to remove, and suggest items just for your office. If this is a big agenda item for your organization in 2019-20, we’d love to help you get there. Contact us via to setup an informational call.