It’s the holiday season

So whoop-de-do and hickory dock

And don’t forget to hang up your sock

‘Cause at just exactly at twelve o’clock

… your boss is going to ask you to plan the office holiday party. ♫


Okay, we’re not fortune-tellers and we might not even be songwriters, but all too often, the responsibility of planning the holiday party falls on the Office Manager.


Sometimes this is a well-received request, and the OM whips out the Christmas gel pens and gets to planning. If that’s not you – we’re here to help.


Whether this is your favorite project of the year or most dreaded (we’d say the crowd is split 50/50), it’s important to stay organized, proactive, and positive throughout the planning process. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Holiday Party Planning for the office, covering everything from budget to decor to food and drinks. Just when you think you’ve thought of everything, two days before the party, questions like ‘will there be valet parking?’ and ‘can I bring my roommate?’ will come up. This eBook will prepare you for how to address all of that and more, plus get exclusive tips from Kathryn Madden, OfficeLuv’s CEO and former Office Manager. 


You can download the full eBook here. Happy and merry holiday season!