The general request for “more sustainability in the office” can be daunting. We’re here to break it down for you – three of the most common office sustainability initiatives right now are:

  • Reducing the use of plastic 
  • Increasing the amount of recycling in the office
  • Reducing Waste

Whether your office is spearheading all of these initiatives, or none, it’s never too late to start, and these efforts will pay dividends over time. We’ve listed three articles below and highlighted our favorite actionable tips from each one! 


Reducing plastic 


Full article – Ways Your Office Can Help Tackle the Plastic Problem


Start a Competition – One of the best ways to get the word out and increase awareness for this initiative is by turning it into a competition between departments. “Who can reduce the most plastic.” Create a checklist of which items can be reduced, and how many employees in the department have taken these steps. What’s nice about this approach is after the competition ends, people remember the different alternatives and, hopefully, have built up some solid new habits!


Reevaluate Ordering – This one is more in the office manager’s control. You can work with your suppliers or caterers to cut down on plastic waste and use more re-usable and/or eco-friendly containers. Need help with this? Just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to share some of the strategies we’ve implemented with our customers. 


Invite procurement onto your “green” team – Whether you have a designated green team in your office or the “team” is just you, you can spread the impact is by adding a colleague from procurement. They’ll be able to help reprioritize budget and purchasing to make room for more sustainable products. 


Buy Eco-friendly, Biodegradable products – Deciphering whether a product is eco-friendly or biodegradable can be complicated. Check labels, look to see if you recognize all of the ingredients, do research online, and check with third-party certifications. 


Thankfully, at least for customers on the OfficeLuv platform, the search is much easier. Just type in “eco-friendly” or “biodegradable,” and our system will do the sorting for you, ensuring you end up with qualified items. 




Full article – Tips to Increase Office Recycling


Do more than just paper – You can also set up initiatives around recycling light bulbs, batteries, printer cartridges, aluminum cans and more. Learn more about what’s available in your area here


Make recycling easier – Will employees go out of their way to find a recycling bin? Maybe not. But if you put more bins around the office, the choice is easier to make, and you’ll see increased results. 


Continue to go paperless – One of the top uses of paper in an office continues to be related to reviewing legal contracts. Consider a service like Docusign that allows you to make comments and sign documents digitally. 


Reducing waste 


Full articleWays to Reduce Waste in the Workplace


Get rid of take-out coffee cups – Coffee will always be a part of the office experience, but take-out coffee cups don’t have to be. Try giving each new hire a reusable coffee mug. Or have coffee mugs at the office for everyone to use. 


Provide filtered water – Eliminating plastic water bottles also helps you tackle your reducing plastic initiative. Plus, personal opinion, the Brita filtered water always tastes better anyways. 


Buy-in Bulk – The amount of packaging around a 12-count sleeve of cups, a 100-pack of forks, and an individual pen adds up. Buying in bulk not only saves money, but it also reduces the waste from smaller packages. 


Traditionally, ordering in bulk has always been easier for large companies (say 5,000-10,000+ employees) compared to the smaller 50-500 person company. The small business doesn’t need the same volume of supplies so they miss out on the buy-in bulk discount. 


With OfficeLuv, smaller companies can order like a larger organization. Since we have over 1,000 companies on the platform representing thousands of employees, all of our customers enjoy the discounts that come with bulk purchasing. 


Want to dive deeper into the numbers and determine what type of cost savings your company could see by using the OfficeLuv system? Feel free to connect and we’ll set up a call with a member from our customer success team.