Halloween has come and gone and all that remains in the office candy bowl are a few Tootsie Rolls, Circus peanuts, and a handful of candy corn that no one has the heart to throw away.


While businesses aren’t going bankrupt over the annual Halloween candy run, or the upcoming holiday happy hours, all of this Holiday-related spend is a source of ambiguity that leaves office managers with questions like: How much did we spend? What did we order last year? What should our budget be for next year?


Tracking this manually is a tedious process. And it also kind of ruins the holiday spirit. As an office manager, you want to enjoy the season too, not be running a Post-It note tally of the egg nog vs. antler headband spend


Good news – we built software to make tracking office spend easy. Here’s how you can use our reporting tools to accurately answer the question of, “How much did we spend on the holidays?” without feeling like the office Grinch.


Running Spend Reports


Pulling spend analysis is just a click away via our reporting feature. You can review the total office spend by selected dates, check your spend by category, and see how much you’re spending on average per employee.


All of this is easy to download so that you can share it with your team or have it on hand for a meeting with the CFO.


If you wanted to see the spend from the Thanksgiving Potluck specifically, simply click on the “Food & Beverage” category and adjust the dates. Everything ordered for the event will be displayed by vendor, quantity, spend, and order date.


Looking for what you spent on client gifts? You can make a custom category (“Client Gifts”) and easily track this as well. Same thing with employee gifts, holiday happy hours, office decorations, etc.


What about the holiday gifts I bought in person?


While our customers can order everything directly through OfficeLuv and take advantage of our bulk purchasing discount, we totally understand living out your dreams of being the office Santa, filling up the whole SUV with gifts. We get it.


So if you do have receipts from physical stores, you can upload these within the OfficeLuv platform. From there, our software adds it all to the overall spending insights.


We make it easy for Office Managers to go into next holiday season knowing what they spent the year before, determine what a good budget would be moving forward, and then track how they’re doing against it in real-time – leaving the office Grinch behind and allowing you to enjoy the holiday season.




P.S. If you’re currently planning the office holiday party, make sure to download our new ebook offering tips and tricks, personal stories, and a printable checklist to help keep you organized. 


Want to dive deeper into the numbers and determine what type of cost savings your company could see by using the OfficeLuv system? Feel free to connect and we’ll set up a call with a member from our customer success team.