If you sit at the front desk, or have access to the company bluetooth speaker, odds are the pressure of choosing the right music and vibe for the office often rides on your shoulders. If nothing else, you are everyone’s go-to for frequent complaints about the repetitive tunes… but striking the right balance between upbeat and relaxing and professional yet cool is not an easy feat. Don’t worry, we got your back. 

OfficeLuv is now on Spotify! You can follow us for regularly added playlists of different genres, moods, and vibes to keep the music in your office fresh – and keep those complainers at bay. 

We curated a two-hour playlist for you and your office for when you need to focus, work on a project, get in the zone, and just vibe. Introducing: Vibes.

Why we love it:

“This is my favorite kind of music to jam out to while getting work done. It’s upbeat and fun, but still keeps me focused. And it reminds me of summer concerts with friends, which makes me happy to think about throughout the day.” 

-Francesca, Purchasing Agent at OfficeLuv