If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen by now that OfficeLuv has taken up a new hobby this season – puzzling. It started as a casual lunchtime conversation about cozy winter activities which grew into the realization that our team is full of avid puzzlers. A coworker brought in a few puzzles that she received in her Puzzle-of-the-Month Club, and soon the extra table in the lunchroom became the puzzle station.

With the completion of our first puzzle last week, we thought we’d take some time and reflect on the perks that puzzling has brought to our office. Here’s why we’d recommend it as a breakroom activity for any office.

Team Building

When open-layout offices with cool office perks were just getting started, it seemed like everyone had a foosball table for the purpose of team building while taking a break. Puzzles, we’ve found, can serve the same purpose.

Working together to solve a puzzle is the ultimate team building experience. We realized that everyone has their own approach to solving a puzzle and that communication is key.

Working on a puzzle together is also a great way for employees from different teams to hang out and engage in conversations while working on a common goal – perhaps working together on a project for the first time! Puzzles, bringing people together since 1760

Providing a Non-Athletic Mental Break

Speaking of foosball tables… it seems like most offices that offer games/activities for breaktime cater to the athletic type. Foosball tables, Pop-A-Shot basketball games, or Putt Putt golf courses scattered throughout the office are great stress relievers, as well, but aren’t for everyone.

By including a puzzle, or another low-key break activity (like grown-up coloring books or board games), you’re expanding your break-encouraging company culture to include more personality types.

Stress Relief

When your to-do list feels never ending and that one coworker keeps emailing you questions and your computer decides to crash and lose your entire project – rather than flip your desk and leave for the day, it’s nice to have an activity available to help you refocus. 

Taking a step away from your desk at any point throughout the day to focus on a non-work-related task can help you take a breath, reframe your attitude, and help you head back to your desk feeling re-energized and less stressed.