Ever wonder what the snacks are like at OfficeLuv? “As pros in the Office Snacking Industry,” you think to yourself, “their snacking game must be on point. What is their kitchen stocked with? What is on their recurring order?!”

Well today’s your lucky day – we’ve honed in on the must-have snacks & kitchen items for our office, and we’re here to share our top 10:

1) Yogurt

For those days when you don’t have time for breakfast, it’s nice to know that your office has got you covered.

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2) Babybels

The primo one-handed snack to chow down on while walking to that 3:00 meeting.

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3) Fruit

Apples, bananas, clementines & seasonal peaches/plums are best for self-serve. Berries & melons do best if they’re pre-washed, diced, and available on the kitchen table. 

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4) Veggies & Hummus

A classic option for a filling, healthy snack. Baby carrots or pre-cut celery sticks go fast in our office.

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5) Chips & Pretzels

Kettle Chips, SunChips, Baked Chips, Pirate’s Booty, pretzel rods, mini pretzels – just to name a few of our favorites. We recommend keeping it fresh each week and rotating through options to keep employees on their toes.

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6) LaCroix & Coke

Is an office even an office without LaCroix and Coke options? Don’t forget Diet! 

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7) Jerky

Beef, Pork, Turkey; Original, Teriyaki, Habanero. The types of jerky are endless – and they all make for a great, Keto-friendly, on-the-go snack!

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8) Last Minute Lunch Options

When you have back-to-back meetings from 11-3, it’s nice to have something a little more substantial to make into lunch in a pinch. We love having deli meat, cheese, and bread on hand for a last minute lunch.

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9) Wide Variety of Creamers

This is an obvious one but with a lot of options to consider – for our small office alone, we order Half & Half, Dairy Free Creamer, 2%, Flavored Creamer, & Low Fat. Coffee is the most important meal of the day, afterall, and you’ve gotta make sure it’s just right. 

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10) Hi-Chews

Have you tried a Hi Chew? They’re addicting, and the #1 snack we order. (We wish we were kidding!) 

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*If you don’t yet order Food & Beverage items from OfficeLuv, or don’t see any results in the Category links above, let us know!