There’s something to be said about spending a few hours working from the local coffee shop. The change of scenery, the people watching, the frequent fresh brewed coffee smell, the great music, the art and plants that are undoubtedly all around. And there’s nothing quite like the simple joy brought on by the first sip of a perfectly crafted latte.

Immersing yourself in this environment can do wonders for creativity, productivity, and overall positivity. Working from a coffee shop is a treat we should all indulge in when we can.

But what’s stopping us from channeling that same mood within the office?

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine at work, so take this as your motivation to mix things up. Create a workplace for yourself that channels what you feel at that coffee shop, or wherever your ideal work spot is. Decorate your desk with plants, artwork, pictures, and even candles or a scent diffuser, if your workplace allows.

If your office has a lounge or standing desks or other places to work from, plan time to get away from your desk and try a new environment.

Make yourself the perfect cup of coffee at work. Try new creamers or bring in your favorite mug.

And if it’s the music that you crave, the acoustic covers and cozy indie coffee shop tunes, take some time to find the perfect playlist before you plug in.

If the coffee shop isn’t your happy place to get work done, then find what it is and incorporate it into your day to day. Try making your everyday desk a place that sparks joy, productivity, and inspiration – you might be surprised how your work changes.