As with most things in 2020, the upcoming holiday season presents workplaces with a new round of questions. Should we host a virtual holiday party? How do we get gifts to employees at home? What gift can display the appreciation we feel for our teams at the end of this rough year?

We’re here to provide some answers. We’ve been having conversations with companies of all sizes across the country; here are the trends we’re hearing.

The Questions: 

Virtual holiday party or no party at all?

The answer primarily depends on your company’s culture. Your Workplace team will likely have a grasp on what would be best received. If not, send out a quick poll to employees on their preferences! They will appreciate the opportunity for their voices to be heard.

What does a virtual holiday party look like?

So that it’s not just another Zoom call, make sure your virtual holiday party has a festive theme! The most popular option we’ve heard? Virtual mixology classes or wine tastings. Send your employees the supplies they need and then craft your cocktails together, virtually of course.

How do I get the gifts to our remote employees?

Primarily, companies are gathering addresses and shipping straight to each employee. Services like those offered by OfficeLuv can streamline this process for you, saving you the hassle of placing each order manually. A few companies are also planning pick-up times from the office, allowing employees to sign-up for a timeslot to ensure distancing can be maintained. 

How much to spend on gifts? 

That depends. COVID19 has hit many companies hard, leaving holiday gifts off the budget for now. Other perks, like extra days off or meeting-free days, can also be great ways to show your appreciation.

If you’re nixing the holiday party, many companies are reallocating the holiday party budget into larger holiday gifts. In general, budgets are ranging from $30 to $300 per employee, but the average gift budget we’re seeing is $80-120 per employee.

The Gifts: 

Beyond your typical tech products

The trending tech products we’re seeing this year go past the standard tablets and headphones. Popular this year are tech products that benefit the whole home, like PhoneSoap, light therapy lamps, wireless charger pads, and Sonos speakers.

We could all use some extra comfort right now

Cozy, comforting items are in higher demand than ever. Items like weighted or heated blankets, candles, self-heating Smart Mugs, plants and art are topping the list. 

Support employee health and wellness

Now more than ever, we’re seeing companies providing their teams with subscriptions to healthy food, meditation, or fitness programs. A subscription to Headspace, Glo, Calm, or HelloFresh makes for a great gift that lasts for several months.

Bring your city to them

Since we haven’t been out and about as much, bring your city’s favorites straight to your employees’ homes. Here in Chicago, that looks like take-home deep dish pizzas and Garrett’s popcorn. Yum. 

Still not sure what to get?

Let your employees choose! Every person on your team is different, so perhaps there isn’t a one-size-fits-all gift. Build a list of options within the OfficeLuv platform that everyone can choose from, and your employees will be able to select gifts they’ll love.

Let OfficeLuv handle your holiday gift sourcing, ordering, shipping, and more. Learn how we help with holiday gifting here.