For 7 years, I worked at a small gift basket shop. Consider It Done in Downers Grove, IL was a “ma and pa” gift shop that specialized in beautiful and customized gift baskets. I’ve personally built hundreds of baskets, ranging from small boxes to elaborate corporate baskets built in a company-branded cooler. 

Because of my years spent there, I’ve become known as a gifting expert among friends and coworkers.

This holiday season, gift giving is different than ever before, with a majority of gifts being sent by mail rather than hand-delivered at a party or in the office. 

This year, ensure that your gift box delivery brings the same level of joy and receives the same appreciation as a gift at the office Christmas party would. Here are my tips on how to build the perfect gift box. 

Include a lasting gift

The perfect gift box should include at least one item that lasts. Chocolates, candies, savory treats, and gourmet snacks are fun and delicious to receive, but they go fast! A non-consumable gift, like a blanket, water bottle, or tech item, will remind the recipient of your thoughtful gesture all year long. 

Give it a personal touch

Show that you know and care about the gift recipient by adding a personal touch to the gift! This could mean accommodating snacks to fit their dietary restriction, including an item branded with the logo of their favorite sports team, or simply including a personal card or note of well wishes.

Include the family

If you’re an employer sending a gift box to an employee working from home, include a gift or two they can share with the family. Whether that’s a few extra pieces of candy for the kids or a Sonos speaker the entire household can enjoy, the whole family will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Presentation is everything

When giving a gift in person, presentation means curled ribbons and perfectly creased wrapping paper. When sending a gift box in the mail, the presentation that matters most is that the box arrives intact and the items aren’t broken. Use a sturdy box, wrap fragile items with bubble wrap or air pockets, and fill any empty space in the box with crinkle paper or other filler. 

Written by Karina Palukaitis, OfficeLuv Sales Operations Coordinator

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