Q3 2018 Office Trends Report

What grocery items are most popular? Are there seasonal ordering trends for offices? How does your office stack up to others regarding spend per employee per month? Check out the Q3 2018 Office Trends Report to get all the details on what is trending, and what offices are spending.

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Office Grocery Perks Calculator – See How Your Perks Stack Up

How does your office stack up?

Companies hiring top talent are going far beyond the typical health insurance, paid vacation and 401K match benefits that have historically been the gold standard for office perks. From catered lunch to coffee bars, food and beverage perks are quick becoming must-have benefits recruits are expecting.
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Connecting Your Office: A Guide to Fobs, Adapters and Connectors

The big meeting is around the corner. You’re getting everything set-up, from ordering the food to setting the room arrangement. There’s going to be multiple presenters and you need to ensure everyone will be able to connect. A dongle? Adapter? USB something-er-other? Here’s a quick vocabulary guide on how to navigate through common cords and connectors.

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5 Easy Tips to Kick Up Your Office Coffee Game

There are lots of articles that speak to coffee aficionados and the art of the perfect cup. This is not that article. This is a quick guide to help ensure that your office finds a little more satisfaction in that morning “go” juice we all call coffee.

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OfficeLuv Turns 3!

Birthdays are always a great time to reflect on the year gone by. Last week OfficeLuv turned 3 – a milestone that marks much more than a few candles on a cake. We celebrate the customers who have stood by us from the beginning. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with new customers and help create better office efficiencies and experiences. And, most importantly, we are grateful for the OfficeLuv team who has devoted so much to give our customers their very best.


Onward to an incredible year 4!


-Kathryn and Chris

5 Creative Themes for Your Office Summer Party

Office Summer Party Ideas

While a picnic or beach theme is always a fun way to celebrate the summer with your coworkers, the summer office party can offer an opportunity to get a little more creative – checkered blankets and sandcastles aside. Try one of these themes to switch it up this year.

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Office Summer Party Ideas

5 Ways to Show Your Appreciation in the Office on a Budget

Showing appreciation for your employees is an important part of being a manager. While bonuses are always appreciated, budget constraints don’t always allow for them. But there are plenty of other ways to show your employees you value their work, and even small gestures can be powerfully motivating. Here are a few ways you can recognize and reward employees who go above and beyond, even on a lean budget.

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6 Ways to Help Remote Employees Stay Connected

Having a remote workforce adds both flexibility and complexity to the employee experience. Many organizations work hard to keep remote workers connected without in-office engagement. Here are a few ideas on ways to help keep remote employees engaged and connected.
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10 Non-Traditional Nameplates to Keep Your Office Connected

Employee connectivity is an important part of creating a happy workplace. Office nameplates may seem like a minor detail, but taking a creative approach can prove a small but impactful way to add personality and inspire your employees. Read More >

Season’s Greetings!

holidayHere’s to the end of a wonderful year
We’ve loved getting you all the supplies you hold dear
From Post-Its, paper plates, and copy paper
To your most trusted pens and your favorite stapler
From your cleaning supplies to your morning brew
To the tasty snacks so loved by your crew
We can’t deny what a joy it has been
To save you time and money — that’s what we call a win!
Wishing you a very happy holiday full of joy and love
And a new year that’s beyond and above!


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