The Top 10 Job Titles for Office Management Professionals

Those in the office management profession often serve in a variety of roles beyond the title. While certainly not all-encompassing given the breadth of the role, the following titles are the most popular when it comes to those responsible for running an office. 

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5 Easy Tips to Kick Up Your Office Coffee Game

There are lots of articles that speak to coffee aficionados and the art of the perfect cup. This is not that article. This is a quick guide to help ensure that your office finds a little more satisfaction in that morning “go” juice we all call coffee.

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10 Healthy Snacks to Alleviate Your Savory Craving at the Office

A savory snack craving can strike at any hour of the day. When your snack attack happens at the office, it can be difficult to avoid a calorie packed landmine (e.g. leftover pizza from your co-workers lunch meeting).

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7 Snacks Under 200 Calories To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At Work

A sweet snack craving can be hard to satisfy if you’re trying to eat healthy, especially at the office. Instead of reaching for the candy jar, consider one of these creative alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing you diet.

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What’s Hot and What’s Not: Summer Office Ordering Trends

From healthy office options to summer favorites, recommendation requests are always popular, especially when the seasons change. We took a look at the biggest changes in office grocery ordering from Q1 to Q2. Some surprising and some not-so-surprising trends emerged. While many of the office essentials maintained their popularity, below are some of the biggest swings we saw in ordering behavior:

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Essential Technologies for Managing the Office

The responsibilities of running an office has become increasingly complex with the evolving demands for an exceptional workplace experience. For many top employers, amenities, perks and culture have become required topics during the recruitment process. Luckily, there are few technologies that make running the office a whole lot easier. Check out a few of the must haves…

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5 Tips to Nudge Employees to Take Pride in Their Work Space

Maintaining a clean, organized office that is both presentable to clients and pleasant to work in isn’t just the responsibility of office managers and cleaning personnel. All employees should respect and take pride in the office space to make sure it’s consistently an excellent working environment for everyone. Here are a few tips to inspire employees to do their part.

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Cold Brew U – What You Need to Know About This Coffee Craze

Cold brew is sweeping the nation one coffee shop at a time, but unless you’ve started brewing it yourself, you probably don’t know all of the ins and outs. Here’s everything you need to know to step up your office iced coffee game just in time for summer.

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The Ultimate Desk Emergency Kit

When the urgent need strikes, there is a secret weapon often exclusive to office management professionals that has more than once saved the day. An emergency desk kit is stocked with the items you don’t know you need until you do. It was created by the forward thinking individuals who have seen it all and then some. 

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OfficeLuv Turns 3!

Birthdays are always a great time to reflect on the year gone by. Last week OfficeLuv turned 3 – a milestone that marks much more than a few candles on a cake. We celebrate the customers who have stood by us from the beginning. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with new customers and help create better office efficiencies and experiences. And, most importantly, we are grateful for the OfficeLuv team who has devoted so much to give our customers their very best.


Onward to an incredible year 4!


-Kathryn and Chris


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