Last Minute Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Employee Appreciation Day is March 5th and many employers are scrambling to put together a last minute gift. This year, there is an added challenge: most employees are still working from home.

We’re here to help! It’s not too late to create a perfect gift for your team to show them how much you appreciate their hard work. These gift ideas have been popular throughout the past year of working from home and will make for amazing last minute gifts!

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Top 5 Remote Employee Engagement Tactics

Companies nationwide have been working remotely for almost a year now due to the pandemic. We’re rounding up our favorite employee engagement tactics from the last 11 months – programs that supported company culture and employee engagement, even in a remote setting. 

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How To Prepare Remote New Hires For Success

Beginning a new job remotely is stressful enough, let alone starting it without the supplies you need. Start your new hires off on the right foot by making sure they feel welcomed and set up for success. This benefits the company as well, as a great employee onboarding experience can increase retention by 82%

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5 Reasons Why Companies Are Opting To Use Employee Stipends

Considering implementing employee stipends at your company? Supporting your remote employees with supplies and stipends has become the new norm.

Check out the top ways that companies are using stipends to streamline their processes across the board.

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The Best Employee Holiday Gift for 2020

When it comes to employee holiday gifts, it’s always been hard to find one standard gift that pleases everybody. Your employees are unique individuals, and creating a uniform gift that accurately reflects your appreciation for each one is difficult. 

Especially in 2020, when employees are working remotely and balancing never-before-seen stressors, no two employees are in the same situation.

This year, the best employee gift you can give is a shopping stipend. 

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How to Build the Perfect Gift Box: Tips from a Gifting Expert

For 7 years, I worked at a small gift basket shop. Consider It Done in Downers Grove, IL was a “ma and pa” gift shop that specialized in beautiful and customized gift baskets. I’ve personally built hundreds of baskets, ranging from small boxes to elaborate corporate baskets built in a company-branded cooler. 

Because of my years spent there, I’ve become known as a gifting expert among friends and coworkers.

This holiday season, gift giving is different than ever before, with a majority of gifts being sent by mail rather than hand-delivered at a party or in the office. 

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9 Holiday Gifts Your Employees Actually Want This Year

If you’ve been tasked with deciding on this year’s employee holiday gift, we’re here to make your job a lot easier. 

From talking with customers and industry experts, we’ve narrowed down the trending gifts for WFH employees this year into three categories: Cozy & Comfort, Trending Tech, and Home Accessories. Here are the top gifts we’re seeing within each category. 

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A Complete Guide to 2020 Employee Holiday Gifts

As with most things in 2020, the upcoming holiday season presents workplaces with a new round of questions. Should we host a virtual holiday party? How do we get gifts to employees at home? What gift can display the appreciation we feel for our teams at the end of this rough year?

We’re here to provide some answers. We’ve been having conversations with companies of all sizes across the country; here are the trends we’re hearing.

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Happy (Remote) Halloween

Usually on October 1st, we’d be hanging cobwebs on desks, filling kitchen candy bowls, and ordering office costume contest prizes. What does Halloween “in the office” look like when everyone is working from home? 

As with most things this year, it’ll be different. But there are still ways to celebrate the season from a distance and share small joys with your team. Here are our top 5 ways to bring Halloween to your team in 2020. 

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Six Months of Working From Home

For countless offices across the country, this week marks 6 months of working from home. While this time has been full of ups and downs, we want to reminisce on the moments of joy, growth, and togetherness. Here’s what our team has been up to for the past 6 months: 

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