When it comes to employee holiday gifts, it’s always been hard to find one standard gift that pleases everybody. Your employees are unique individuals, and creating a uniform gift that accurately reflects your appreciation for each one is difficult. 

Especially in 2020, when employees are working remotely and balancing never-before-seen stressors, no two employees are in the same situation.

This year, the best employee gift you can give is a shopping stipend. 

Why your employees will love the gift of stipends

They’re a crowd-pleaser. Try as we might, the truth is it’s hard to please everyone with one gift. Of course the gesture is appreciated, but the only way to guarantee your employees will love their gift is to let them select it themselves. By giving them a stipend, they can shop at their leisure for a gift they want and/or need. 

They can shop from your selection. Giving a stipend doesn’t mean that you lose out in the fun of selecting gifts! With OfficeLuv’s stipend program, you can build a customized shop of items for them to choose from. Curate any number of items to include, and employees will shop from your curated list of gift items and gift cards. For example, build a shop of company favorite tech products, an assortment of gift boxes to choose from, or items from local businesses.

Why you will love giving the gift of stipends

They’re guaranteed to arrive on time. With projected shipping delays this season across the country, giving a stipend as a gift removes the pressure of deliveries arriving before Christmas. The stipend itself is the gift, and employees can shop at their leisure within any amount of time, based on your chosen expiration date. 

They give you time back into your day. The administrative work that comes along with holiday gifting is always taxing, especially this year when many employers are shipping directly to employees’ homes. OfficeLuv’s stipend program takes all of that off your plate – from inviting the employees to shipping the gifts.

They make expense reports easy. OfficeLuv’s stipends also allow you to escape the burdens that often come with an in-house stipend program, like expense reports, collecting receipts, and approving purchases. By building curated shops and assigning a stipend value, you are still able to maintain control over what is purchased while giving your employees freedom to choose. Live budget reports can be pulled to track spend by employee, by budget category, by office location, and more.

In a year where so much is out of our control, give your employees the gift of choice with a shopping stipend.