Beginning a new job remotely is stressful enough, let alone starting it without the supplies you need. Start your new hires off on the right foot by making sure they feel welcomed and set up for success. This benefits the company as well, as a great employee onboarding experience can increase retention by 82%

Essential tech:

The most important piece of onboarding remote new hires is making sure they have the technology they need at home. This includes not just laptops and monitors, but make sure to consider products like adapters, wireless keyboards, printers, and anything else they’ll need on the day-to-day.

Home Office: 

While in the environment of working from home, over 40% of employees have reported working from a dining table, couch, bed, etc. However, studies show that desk workers are more likely to be productive. Guarantee your new team member is set up for success by providing them with a stipend to purchase the desk, chair, or accessories they need.

Productivity & comfort items: 

After the essentials, studies show that the most-wanted items for home offices are standing desks, back pillows, and blue light glasses. Encouraging healthy habits with items such as these shows that a company cares for its people and want them to be comfortable and healthy. 

Welcome kits:

Last but definitely not least, Welcome Kits are key to boosting new hire morale and making them excited to be a part of the team! Items like company swag, desk plants, slippers, or other comfort items have been popular for welcoming remote new employees. To take it a step further, host a virtual happy hour event for the whole team to really kick off the team spirit. 

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