Companies nationwide have been working remotely for almost a year now due to the pandemic. We’re rounding up our favorite employee engagement tactics from the last 11 months – programs that supported company culture and employee engagement, even in a remote setting. 

1. Gift Boxes – With Options!

Since many in-office perks are no longer available, companies have been sending employees gift boxes to their homes for recognition, milestones, and morale. To increase engagement, we love the trend of offering employees a choice of box theme.

Do your employees want a relaxing box with a candle and puzzle? Or an active box with a water bottle and athletic socks? Some companies have even been offering box themes supporting company values and ERGs – a sustainability box, a Pride box, etc.

What about an individual kit or a family kit? Employees with kids at home would love to receive a multi-person game, for example, which wouldn’t apply to someone living alone currently. Providing the option for family or individual kit is an easy way to customize your gift for each team member. 

2. Interactive Postcard

Looking to send your employees a morale boost on a budget? Sending a simple postcard to each person can do the trick. Our favorite design concept is a coloring-book style front, so that each employee can decorate their postcard and share with the team. For extra interaction, have each employee share their final design and vote for their favorite! 

3. Enhanced Virtual Events

While virtual happy hours or virtual coffee meetings are a great way to stay engaged regularly, every once in a while it’s necessary to mix things up. Virtual events like magic shows, cocktail making classes, and paint-and-sips have been receiving rave reviews from employees!

Our favorite virtual event by far was Pasta with the Nonnas – a virtual pasta making class hosted by grandmothers and their granddaughters from Italy! Each employee was sent the necessary ingredients ahead of time. They loved the chance to learn how to make pasta straight from the source!

4. Book Club

Tired of the quiet lulls that frequently occur on Zoom team meetings? Start a company book club so that happy hours have a designated topic of conversation! Employees can select from a few book options, order their desired book through OfficeLuv’s streamlined shop, and regroup in a few weeks for a virtual book club discussion. 

5. Back to the Office Gifts

As companies begin to return to the office, we’ve seen some truly innovative welcome-back engagement ideas. Back To The Office themed gifts have been extremely popular, usually including individual snacks, hand sanitizer, and a fun new company logo’d item. 

Another option is to provide employees with a stipend to shop from a category full of reusable kitchen supplies. For offices that usually have coffee mugs and silverware in the kitchen, it will help reduce the spread of germs for each employee to have their own coffee tumblers, water bottles, personal cutlery sets, etc. For an extra bit of fun, each employee was encouraged to select a sticker from a shop of hundreds, so that they can easily identify their water bottles. Employees loved this opportunity to select new products while also seeing that their company supports a safe return to the office!

Though we’ve been physically apart for almost a year, we’ve loved seeing the creative ways that companies are continuing to promote their culture and keep employees engaged from afar. What employee engagement activities has your company loved? Drop them in the comments below! 

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