Tired of Virtual Happy Hours? Here’s 8 Other Ways To Stay Connected Virtually

Virtual Happy Hours have recently become more commonplace than we’d ever imagined. At the beginning of this work from home span, they were a novelty and a great way to stay connected. However, as the virtual fatigue and other stressors of the current environment ebb and flow, hosting a Virtual Happy Hour for your team can be difficult.

We’re going beyond the Virtual Happy Hour with this list of other Virtual activities you can do with your team to stay connected, upbeat, and diversified in your screen time together.

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The Perks of Office Puzzles

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen by now that OfficeLuv has taken up a new hobby this season – puzzling. It started as a casual lunchtime conversation about cozy winter activities which grew into the realization that our team is full of avid puzzlers. A coworker brought in a few puzzles that she received in her Puzzle-of-the-Month Club, and soon the extra table in the lunchroom became the puzzle station.

With the completion of our first puzzle last week, we thought we’d take some time and reflect on the perks that puzzling has brought to our office. Here’s why we’d recommend it as a breakroom activity for any office.

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Connecting Your Office: A Guide to Fobs, Adapters and Connectors

The big meeting is around the corner. You’re getting everything set-up, from ordering the food to setting the room arrangement. There’s going to be multiple presenters and you need to ensure everyone will be able to connect. A dongle? Adapter? USB something-er-other? Here’s a quick vocabulary guide on how to navigate through common cords and connectors.

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5 Creative Themes for Your Office Summer Party

Office Summer Party Ideas

While a picnic or beach theme is always a fun way to celebrate the summer with your coworkers, the summer office party can offer an opportunity to get a little more creative – checkered blankets and sandcastles aside. Try one of these themes to switch it up this year.

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Office Summer Party Ideas

Tips for Hosting a Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

On Thursday, April 26, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day will celebrate its 25th anniversary. While hosting a Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day at your company requires planning and coordination, doing so sends a powerful message to your employees and beyond that your organization values community, all the while providing an invaluable learning opportunity for children. Here are a few tips to make sure the children and employees who participate in your company’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day get the most out of their experience.

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7 Tips for Conquering the Office Supply Closet

We asked the experts to provide tips on how they master their supply closet. These best-kept secrets can help keep your office perfectly stocked and prevent the call of “mayday” from the closet.

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Keg Or Kombucha? What Your Employees Really Want

Drunken karaoke and other office-party fun certainly has its place. While these sorts of shenanigans may have been the gold standard for work satisfaction and connection among employees in the past, an appetite for workplace wellness has become the new norm. The most attractive perks that keep employees happy include professional development and investment in their wellness.

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5 Pro Tips to Get Organized Before the Holidays – Infographic

"It’s already the middle of December (yeah, we can’t believe it either!). Everyone is scrambling to get all of their final projects and tasks wrapped up in time to make sure they have a fresh start in the new year. Before you unwind for the holidays, take some proactive steps to get your office in tip-top shape. It’ll make your holiday that much more relaxing.

We’ve collected some sure-fire tips from office management experts to help you get organized before you can say Happy Holidays.

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5 Ways You Can Transform Your Office

Office management professionals know the feeling of not having enough hours in the day. Managers juggle their high priority assignments with impromptu tasks that seem to creep up from every direction. Valuable time is spent answering multiple employee supply requests via email, scrambling to order more breakroom supplies, or prepping conference rooms for last minute meetings.

Unravelling office chaos is a unique challenge and one that is often underestimated. Resources like OfficeLuv provide a complete ordering solution to create a seamless office experience.

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