New Feature: Employee Stipends

With much of the workplace remaining remote for the foreseeable future, companies are wondering how to best continue supporting their employees and providing the supplies needed for work from home success.

Enter Employee Stipends. This new feature allows companies to send a monthly stipend to each employee. Then, the employee can shop the expansive OfficeLuv catalog based on what they need for their home office.  

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The Future of the Workplace – What’s Next?

As states begin to lift shelter-in-place orders, companies are wondering about the return to the workplace. 

Some companies plan to let employees work from home through the end of 2020, while others are offering the option to work from home “forever.” Others still are beginning to plan for staged reentry, and companies worldwide are considering new protocols and practices to get back to work safely.

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eBook: Returning to the Office

There’s no doubt that the workplace will look different after COVID-19, with distanced desks and sanitizer stations becoming the norm. With so much to consider when building a reentry plan, it’s hard to know where to start.

We’ve built this framework to do just that – provide a starting point of all things that should be considered in your plan and help you prepare for whenever that time comes.

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Workplace Wellness eBook

Workplace wellness is an important initiative in today’s office culture. Trends are pointing towards a progressive work-life balance, and companies are focusing on how to keep their employees not only happy but also productive, well-rested, fulfilled, and in a positive state of mental health.

In fact, Dr. Ron Goetzel, senior scientist and director of the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies at Johns Hopkins, has spent most of his career studying Health, Behavior, and Society and how it relates to workplace wellness. His research has led to the conclusion that having “healthy” employees means considering all types of health: physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, social, spiritual.

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Managing your 2020 budget

Imagine you’re looking at last year’s company-wide spend report.

At the top of the list are necessary expenses like employee salaries, healthcare costs, rent/utilities. Other major expenses, like software subscriptions essential to each department and marketing expenditures, can take up a hefty portion of budget, too. 

These categories tend to be top of mind and are deeply analyzed on an annual if not monthly basis. They often represent 80% of overall spend and are critical to the company’s mission.

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Improving Office Sustainability

The general request for “more sustainability in the office” can be daunting. We’re here to break it down for you – three of the most common office sustainability initiatives right now are:

  • Reducing the use of plastic 
  • Increasing the amount of recycling in the office
  • Reducing Waste

Whether your office is spearheading all of these initiatives, or none, it’s never too late to start, and these efforts will pay dividends over time. We’ve listed three articles below and highlighted our favorite actionable tips from each one! 


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An Office Manager’s Guide to Healthy Office Snacks

Office managers are on the frontlines of any company-wide healthy eating initiatives. And the instructions received from management aren’t always specific – maybe along the lines of “We should really be healthier here” or “Is junk food all we have to snack on?”


We run into this scenario all the time when working with our customers. Office managers are trying to improve the overall food quality (per the request of some) while still keeping other colleagues happy. Where do you even start?


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Reducing stress for office managers

Three truths about being an office manager: 


  1. You’re in charge of a lot of different things. No day is ever the same.
  2. You’re critical to the everyday success of an office. 
  3. This is a stressful job.


The heart of everything we do at OfficeLuv is to make life easier for the office manager; empowering you to thrive in your role, grow your career, and reduce stress along the way. 


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Office Management: Help! We’re Growing Too Fast

It’s every company’s dream, right? Attracting so many customers that they need to hire hundreds of new people, suss out new office space, order new furniture and IT equipment, create new employee programming, and design and implement new processes.


These are exciting times, but all of the new-ness can lead to pure chaos. It’s often the office management and facilities teams that oversee the responsibility of finding new products to order, vendors to work with, and ensuring everyone around the offices gets taken care of. This can be especially stressful because growing headcount means ordering quantities fluctuate, it’s difficult to pin down (and manage) a budget, and an extra set of hands would always be helpful but can never be found.


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Summer Heat: Designate someone else as Chief Air Conditioning Officer

Every July and August, one thing is almost certain: employees will disagree on the office temperature.


One employee goes to the thermostat, sets it for 65 degrees. Five minutes later, another employee—wrapped up in a wool blanket—goes over, puts it back to 70. 


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